Capitoline Tech Pty Ltd (CPLT) is an innovative cloud-based e-commerce platform that facilitates one click hassle-free digital retail site creation, customisation and logistics management. Using cutting edge software engineered by the best in the business, CPLT delivers a real time user experience across web and mobile devices. We recognise the features that are essential to both small and enterprise business owners and have implemented them to be innovative and competitive in the field.

Our goal is to fill a gap in the market by remaining competitive with big e-commerce platform providers in terms of fees and service, while providing the flexibility of alternative options used by retail customers as well as offering several innovative features not currently offered by competitors.


1-Click Hosting


Powerful site builder


Fully Customisable


Product & Logistics Management

Who is CPTL for?

CPTL is the perfect solution for businesses who want to build a market platform to sell their products. It is especially useful for new start-ups to enter the marketplace and provides the support and features necessary for a large, already established e-commerce store.

Small Business

Small Business customers (with our without existing eCommerce stores) can take advantage of our easy to use 1-click hosting platform.

Enterprise level customers

Enterprise level customers can leverage our infrastructure and development resources to facilitate customised eCommerce solutions without the hassle of in-house development.

Developers & Freelancers

Developers can earn money using our integrated plugin Marketplace.


Mr Xuhong Sun

Operations Manager/Head of Asia Division

Mr. Xuhong Sun is an entrepreneur with extensive business management and investment experience. He is skilled at identifying businesses that are ahead of, or pave the way for, trends in the market, to capitalise on opportunities for growth and increase the profitability of the business. He is a strong manager with experience in all elements of operating a successful business—from leadership to financials, to identifying problems and implementing their solutions, to discovering new and creative ideas that enable the business to become the best in its field.

Mr Peter Winkler

Brand Strategy Leader

Mr Winkler has over 10 years of experience in creative arts and management positions. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts with First Class Honours and has been involved in content creation, marketing and production since.